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Grand Illusions:

Panes of glass in store windows glisten in the light, reflecting the surrounding environment. Behind the glass, mannequins inhabit a fantasy world of luxury and glamour. I am fascinated by the illusion that emerges when reflections on the glass and panoramas inside the windows visually intertwine and make the mannequins appear to magically pop out onto the sidewalk.

For the past twenty five years I have used my camera to reveal the ironies, complexities, dichotomies and humor that result when the pristine scenes inside store windows are juxtaposed with the kaleidoscope of real life as it rushes by. I've watched the windows change over time, becoming more narrative and complex with each year and am always eager to see what's next.


Wellfleet Oyster Farms:

The Wellfleet oyster farms are beautiful, mesmerizing and fascinating. They are a labor of love to the farmers who tend them, and they produce some of the finest oysters in the world. The farming, which is done in all but the coldest months of the winter, takes place when the tide is out, the water has receded and the beds are exposed. Only then can trucks drive to the sites, deliver the farming tools and return to the shore with day’s catch. The limited number of farming plots, prized locations that are often handed down from generation to generation, represent the best of New England and its on-going connection to the ocean.

I first visited Wellfleet Harbor very early one morning at low tide. I was immediately struck by the strange sight of a pick-up truck parked far out in the bay. Curious and intrigued, I grabbed my camera and ran to the beach and soon learned that the truck belonged to an oyster farmer whose work day had just begun. That was the first of many visits to the site.


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